For whom is intended this site?

The terms of reference of program INCOMED define the fields of investigation of the projects ; those, in our case, can be simply enumerated following maniére :

Multilingual Access with the Arab language out of pivot (Mediterranean positioning) with information and supports having milked with the cultural inheritance, dependent on the various ages of the Mediterranean world, or to technologies, with a relation between funds and the safeguarding of the mediums and the littorals,
Digitalization and access electronic with information with a valorization of the knowledge and richnesses as well at the linguistic level, as on the level sociétale and the cultural level,
Opening of access with the Arab language by suitable tools and high-tech ; the French and English language being practised more on the Mediterranean basin, these 3 languages of bases were chosen,
The construction of network is also an underlined element, which wants to say that ALMA is the occasion to develop a joining together network of competences of the specialists in various countries around sets of themes which in our case will be :

- arabo-English linguistics (machreck) and Franco-English (the Maghreb)

- tourism related to the durable framework of development in its dimensions multifacettes which are for example : Practices of management based on the durable development in the hotel trade or the infrastructures of reception of the tourists, the development of the remarkable sites with the development of sets of themes of visits and cultural tourism binding for example " the man and water ", " the man and his medium "... showing balances between man and nature to be preserved, etc...

- the diffusion of such information by the Web on one at least 3 areas : South of Europe, the Maghreb, Machreck ;

The durable development and the durable management of the water resources aiming at a balance between the uses, the protection of the biodiversity, the protection of the remarkable sites (wetlands, oasis, chotts, littorals, historic sites and archeoloqic where the component water or medium plays a dominating part...)
For this reason the users of site ALMA are :

General practitioners interested by tourism and the durable development, but as of the specialists (still as the site does not have as a principal objective to be a professional site, the essential added value being the engines of translation and research (R and D)) ; the turns operators interested by new ideas of marketing and respectful products "of dévellopement durable " are also concerned (translation of their plates, access on line with their products ....)
Linguists on these fields in particular or general practitioners, of maniére to show the possible evolutions and enrichments still necessary to progress in the direction of the systémes of search for trilingual information (of which Arabic) coupled to engines of translation on line,
Specialists in the Web who seek means increasingly more powerful to make known their knowledge bases in several languages and which tomorrow will use diagrams of access with their contents identical to those that we will have set up within ALMA.
Historians or specialists in the companies and cultures interested in particular by the socio-economy related on the natural environments, the relation between man and environment,
Finally actors and general practitioners of water and environment on the technical level, installation and stock management because the terminologies provided by the OIEAU to the dictionaries trades of the engines of translation and research will be very rich.