Origin of ALMA project and INCO-MED presentation

European Union project (INCO-MED ICA3-CT-2002-10010)
co-funded by the European Commission



(Call ICFP501 A3 PRO2)

" ALMA "


Project ALMA aims at developing a technological platform making it possible to reach information and contents multilingual multimedia and in particular in Arabic, English and French, via the Internet ; extended on the Maghreb and Machreck, and on the countries of the south of Europe, in harmony with recent projects launched within the framework of MEDA (SEMIDE/EMWIS), it in the long term results in supporting the cultural, industrial, and tourist exchanges around the sets of themes of the development of the territory and its natural " and " historical " characteristics " : zones with strong tourist potential, zones and mediums threatened (landscapes/basins/rivers/wetlands/oasis/...), rich historical inheritances around these components (Aqueducts, irrigated zones...).

Concretely the objectives achieved in the long term are :

OBJECTIVE 1 : To develop a generic platform to seek and translate in the second time of information numerical accessible by the Web into native language, and with the flight, which supposes :

to develop the procedures improvement of a search engine, in pointed terminological fields, to increase and optimize its levels of relevance in a short time ; for example thus on fields related to the culture/au historical inheritance related on the environment and the fundamental uses of the man (supply water, agricultural production...).
To translate supports media of various natures (texts, leaflet, images...) with an engine of translation adapted and there too, directed on the sets of themes concerned, and this with stolen or with times acceptable for the users of the system.

OBJECTIVE 2 : To define la/les methodologies of enrichment of these tools (recherches/traduction) so as to be able to transfer them tomorrow to other contexts from use (study of civilizations, transport, teaching, social sciences...).

OBJECTIVE 3 : To build an operational site where these technologies are functional and meet needs for users already targeted in fact all the actors of the durable development, but also the tourist agencies who would like to potentiate the mediums in the respect of the environment, to better do them to know, and to introduce topics binding the natural histoire/la and the uses related to water into their tourist programs.

OBJECTIVE 4 : To harmonize on the multilingual level and especially in Arabic (resulting from the Maghreb) and in Arabic (resulting from Machreck) approaches related to the search for information (coherence of the differently spelled terms, linguistic variability...), with the concepts geographical and technological, different terms to mean " turns of hand " or concepts... for example in irrigation, drainage, pipeline water, in drilling...) and finally related to the historical field (related to the last cultures of civilizations present in these zones).