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No part of Aqualingua may be reproduced or translated, whether totally or in part, without permission from the Aqualingua consortium .

Hereinafter referred to as "Aqualingua" finalized within the framework of Leonardo programme, which has a specific right of user.

The Aqualingua tools and contents were designed and implemented by the Aqualingua European consortium. This consortium is represented within the European Union by :

Office international de l'eau (OIEAU)
Service National d'information et de documentation sur l'eau (SNIDE)
15, rue Edouard Chamberland
87065 Limoges Cedex

The consortium has all rights of property to the " Aqualingua tools and contents " except the diagrams.

The Aqualingua consortium wants this web site, including the tools, to be used by any training and education institutions in the water sector but also in technical and scientific fields, so that it can be tested, assessed and developped.

Reproduction of Aqualingua contents :

The articles 9 and 10 of Bern Agreement for the protection of artistic and literary works (Bern Union) and specifically the paragraphs 2 and 3 allow the spirit works to be reproduced or quoted only if :

* "such a reproduction does not spoil the normal exploitation of the work or is not detrimental to the author's legitimate interests.

* "the quotations used as an illustration and/or for teaching purposes must comply with correct usage rules and mention the source and author's name, if this name appears in the source". Any use or reproduction of Aqualingua contents or web site, the sole property of the Aqualingua consortium, for a profit-making purpose or commercial reasons must be authorized expressly and beforehand by the consortium .

Legal action would be taken for counterfeiting against any person using Aqualingua commercially without a preliminary express authorization of the aforementioned Consortium.

  • Information feed-back :
    Any Aqualingua user will make comments to the IOW about the use of the tool.
  • Guarantees :
    It is repeated that Aqualingua v1.0 is a first version which may be enriched later on.

The Consortium should not take on the responsibility for direct or indirect damages caused to the user, and specially, the consortium will not have to make up for the possible direct or indirect harm suffered by the user.


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